About us

  • More than 40 years of expertise in separation techniques
  • 400 000 tons of product are treated by our equipment each year
  • Numerous certifications (ISO 9001, ATEX)
  • A research unit for the R&D, a laboratory for the analysis and a production to manufacture your products
  • A French know-how & 100% “Made in France” equipments
  • A park of machines available for your tests or your punctual needs.

International References

Company's History


Creation of E2SE

The company was founded by 3 separation pioneers. A waste treatment plant Director, an operation Manager and a centrifugation specialist decided to combine their strengths and to create E2SE : Europe Separation & Services for the Environment.

ATEX Certification

INERIS certifies the E2SE products for EXplosive ATmospheres (ATEX).


E2SE has a worldwide presence, notably thanks to a growing demand in America.


In order to deal with the continuing growth of the business, E2SE moved and enlarged its production capabilities.

The Environment at the heart of our concerns

It was in emergency circumstances that E2SE has been involved in the oil spill recovery during the BP scandal (Deepwater Horizon) in the Gulf of Mexico.

ISO 9001 : a guarantee of quality

The Veritas office certifies E2SE ISO 9001.


E2SE designed new product ranges : decanter centrifuges and industrial filters.

A multi-sectoral approach

The company, which operates in many waste treatment plants, diversified its activities by providing its products and services to other industries such as Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics.


The change in the management team and the arrival of a new product (C3000) is a new opportunity to expand E2SE’s business.